Remember me?

Hello, all (or more likely, no one at all).

It’s been over a year since I’ve written in here, and honestly, I had all the best intentions of writing in here more. But to be honest, I haven’t felt like my life in the past year has really been noteworthy enough to bother? When I was living in France, I had every access possible to travel opportunities and weekend jaunts, but here in the US? All that stuff is way more expensive, so instead I find myself simply spending weekends at home, or maybe grabbing dinner with Friends,

Since I wrote last I finished my first “official” year of full-time teaching.  I taught 5 classes, each 90 minutes each, which were comprised of 1 French 1 Class, one Honors 3, and three French 2 classes, all filled with 20-30 excited High Schoolers. Honestly, work took up most of my year, although I did manage to make some Friends in the area, through BumbleBFF, funnily enough, and we clicked as we bonded over our mutual interest in k-pop. Through them, I got the courage to make the trek to NYC for not one- but two BTS concerts, one in October, and the other in May.  (They are AMAZING live, honestly it’s hard to understand how good they are unless you see it in person). But this is not fansite, so I will take my fangirling elsewhere.

Other than that, I’ve continued to try and take pictures, and recently invested in a new camera, athough I haven’t used it much yet. I will put a few photos here, and feel free to follow @nirephotos on instagram to keep up with my attempts at amateur photography.

As of June, I’ve also moved out and settled into my own place. I have two other roommates in a townhouse about 25 minutes from where I work, and we each have a room on a different floor with our own bathroom each. Overall, it’s working out very nicely so far.

That’s pretty much where my life is at now, and if i’m being honest, I’m feeling kind of stagnant despite only being in one place for one year. The thing is, I have so much that I want to do, and I simply can’t do all of it. On one hand, I’m itching to travel again, go someplace(s) new, and revisit Strasbourg, the city in France that somehow still feels like a home despite me having left May of last year.  I want to get my masters or certificate so that I can teach ESL, either here or abroad. But honestly, I need to choose. I need to figure out what I’m doing and make a plan, but there are things holding me back. Things like finances. Student loans. Going to grad school requires taking out more than I already have out, something that is extremely anxiety enduing for me, warranted or not.  I know I should just grin and bear it, apply for that GMU program that has online classes and intensive summers (even summer semesters at their Korea Campus? Which would be really cool. Only you know, expensive.)

Honestly, I’m not used to living without a plan.  And right now, I really don’t have one, and I’m really feeling a need to figure it out.

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  1. I think it’s at that point in life that either we 1) have a stable job, but feel stagnant, or 2) are in the process of making a career change. Maybe it’s both, and it’s understandable that one feels super anxious and uncertain about it. I don’t think we can really “figure it out” until years down the line at a job that we’ve been working at for a long time (and don’t hate). We’re still in a young period of our lives, and it’s true that the “quarter-life crisis” is a pain. It’ll take some time to figure out what you want to do, but in the end, it’ll turn out fine. Courage!


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