My Everyday Makeup Routine and How My Style Has Changed Since Moving to France

Style and makeup hasn’t always been super important to me. I’ve always wanted to look decent in my own standards, but in college I would go to class and walk around in sweatpants with no makeup on the regular.  In a way, I have always envied those people that always seem to be effortlessly beautiful, with makeup skills I have yet to obtain and possibly never will.  Recently, though, I find that I no longer even set foot out of the house without at least jeans, a pullover, and minimal makeup.

The thing about style in America, is that while people like to look stylish and presentable daily, it’s not all that uncommon to see people walking around in sweats even in they’re not working out.  In France, however, people tend to take more care in choosing what they wear out for the day, college students included. My clothes, due to both packing and money limitations, are a fairly repetitive wardrobe of leggings and jeans paired with blouses, button downs, and loose-fitting sweater along with one of my pairs of booties. As for makeup, unless I was going out or working a serving shift (cause homegirl’s gotta look good to get them tips), I used to always go for a simple routine of foundation, concealer, and mascara. That’s it.  Maybe it’s that style has changed, or maybe it’s the fact that I see French women everyday instead of American ones, but slowly but surely, that daily routine started to change to include bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, and lipstick. Here’s a rundown of my routine. Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist. I am positive that I do most if not all my makeup “wrong”.

  1. After washing, toning, and moisturizing my face, I first apply foundation primer. At the moment I’m using the green Maybelline Master Prime. I chose it because it is supposed to help get rid of redness, but honestly, who even knows if primer even does anything.
  2. Next I dot Nyx Stay Matte Not Flat foundation around my face and neck and blend with my fingers. Unpopular opinion: My fingers work just fine to apply makeup! I don’t bother with a beauty blender just yet. I then use a Nyx concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and on any blemishes, I have. After blending, I use a brush, and apply my Maybelline brand setting powder around all of my T zone (since that’s where all my makeup tends to come off).
  3. Next, I use the contour side of the Nyx Wonder Stick, and apply it in the “fishy places”, my jaw line, and temples. I begin blending with my fingers (to move the makeup around a bit and make it a bit softer, then finish blending with a beauty blender. I then use the highlighter side on my upper cheek bones (smile! places), on my forehead between my eyebrows/above my nose, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow. Once again, I begin blending with my fingers a bit, then use a beauty blender.
  4. Next, I move on to my eyes. I start by filling in my eyebrows with a pencil, then apply the bronzer part of the contour stick to my lids and highlighter part below my brows and blend it with my finger. I then use a liquid eyeliner/marker to apply a thin like of black liner to my top lids, and use white eyeliner pencil on my water line (the white eyeliner is an attempt to make my eyes look bigger.  Then, I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes (the white eyeliner tends to leave a residue on my bottom lashes, so bottom mascara is needed).
  5. Last, but certainly not least I apply a lipstick! Usually a pink or red, depending on my outfit. For a more muted, everyday look I usually apply lipstick to the center of my lips, then blend it out with my fingers. If needed, I add another layer and blend until I get the color I want. Before I leave for the day, I spray my face with a finishing spray so it will last all day!

And that’s about it for my makeup routine! It’s not much, and I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m trying to learn! For better or for worse, a person’s style is always changing and evolving, and I think a person’s experiences and surroundings definitely have an impact on one’s style. I find style and makeup so interesting, but I am usually apprehensive about trying new things or things I think might be to “extreme” for me. But who knows? Maybe that is changing as I grow as well.


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