What I’m Listening To: Erin’s February 2018 Playlist

Hello all! So I’ve decided to try out a new segment on music. I’m honestly pretty much listening to music on YouTube or Spotify, like 24/7, so I thought why not share what I’m into? Now I’m the first to admit that I do kind of go through phases where I am REALLY into certain artists, so this will probably turn into a monthly/bi-monthly playlist as my tastes change. In addition, not all of the songs are actually new songs! Some are old, but I just currently like them. So I am going to go though each song, post a YouTube link for each, then link the actual Spotify playlist below for this post. So without further ado, here we go!

1.Curious- Hayley Kiyoko 

So, I had to include some Hayley Kiyoko (dubbed “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans) in here. I first knew her as the girl in the Disney Channel movie, Lemonade Mouth, but she has since moved on to her own music! I’ve been super into the whole Indy/pop sound as if late, and I think it’s really refreshing to have a female gay artist on the scene!

2.  Red Velvet- Bad Boy

What some people don’t know (unless you follow my Twitter or Tumblr), is that I’m actually really into K-pop. Red Velvet typically has this mix of a pop and smooth r&b sound, and they are one of the best girl groups out there at the moment in my opinion!

3. Hey Violet: Hoodie

I actually came across Hey Violet on YouTube pretty randomly as one of my recommended videos on the sidebar. But once I watched one video, before I knew it I was basically listening to their whole album! They remind me a little of my wannabe-emo-but-really-pop/rock days in middle school (in a good way, I promise).

4. Troye Sivan- My! My! My!

I love Troye Sivan’s music! He has a very chill yet still kind of upbeat sound that I’m into these days. He’s so popular these days that I’m not sure further explanation is even necessary.

5. BTS- Spring Day

Okay, so if you follow me on Twitter you know that I’m an ARMY (the BTS fandom name).  They are all so talented in singing, dancing, and rapping. They all write and produce their own music, which is a bit rare in the K-pop industry. DNA is the song that got them on the AMAs, but Spring Day will always be my all time favorite song by them. (Tip: BTS videos are great with captions!)

6.  Halsey- Bad at Love

Until recently, I never really gave Halsey much thought, but I came across a bunch of her songs recently on YouTube and was hooked! This is one of her newest songs, and I find that the lyrics quite relatable to a lot of people. Plus, she’s not afraid to use both make and female pronouns for her love interests in her songs, which is always nice to see, too.

7.  Momoland- Bboom Bboom

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know much about Momoland, but this song was all over the k-youtube scene when it came out. The song is just really catchy and the dance is cute!

8.  Olivia O’Brien- Trust Issues

Olivia O’Brien is another Artist that kept being recommended on YouTube. I’ve listened to a few of her songs so far and they are great for when you are just hanging out, too! In general, I think a lot of young adults can relate to the words, too.

9. Maggie Lidemann- Obssessed

I love a good sass every now and then, and I think that’s why I like this song. It’s fun and upbeat, with that little spunk when she calls her love interest self-obsessed.

10.  Kesha- Hymn

I always liked Kesha’s music, and I love her most recent album even more! This song is one of the many gems on that album, and it’s just very uplifting/inspiring in my opinion!

11.  BTS: Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix ft. Desiigner); Note: The music video remix does not have Desiigner, but the single version on Spotify does!

I couldn’t not put this on there. I heard the original version off their album before, but Steve Aoki did SUCH a good job with this.  I think both the music video version and the Desiigner one are worth a listen because let’s face it, J-Hope and Suga’s first verse in the music video version is fire. (Again, if you watch the music video, BTS videos always have English captions available. :))

12. Taylor Swift: End Game ft.  Ed Sheeran, Future

People love to hate on Taylor, but after everything I still like her!  I think her new sound is a nice change, and the verses by Ed Sheeran and Future give this song that extra kick it needs.


So, that’s it! I’m not sure how well all the songs flow with each other, but I never said my music taste could fit perfectly into one single playlist. Click here to find the spotify playlist I made for this post, and let me know what you think? Find any new songs or artists  for your collection? Any recommendations for songs I should add to my next playlist? I could talk about music for hours, so let me know!


  1. These were awesome! Usually I’m not really into the music that’s been coming out recently but the first two you posted were really good! Honestly I’m usually tuning into podcasts when I plug in my earbuds (#nerd haha) but you’ve got a great playlist and I might steal some 🙂


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