When the going gets rough… Move?

Hello all! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been feeling out of sorts this year as I’ve started school. I felt very isolated, and was generally not as happy to be where I am as I was last year. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why, because I knew I wanted to be here- so why didn’t it feel like it? Then, eventually, I realized something- Perhaps what has been affecting my mood isn’t so much France or Strasbourg itself, but where exactly in Strasbourg I’m living.

See, in addition to being an hour+ commute everyday commute by train from my schools on two different train lines (and no, before you ask, there is not a closer city that’s not in Germany), I am living with a family on the outskirts of the city, with my main source of transportation being the bus, which is admittedly is not as reliable as the tram. I have to factor in at least 30 minutes to get just about anywhere in the city, and if I stay out late I need to be constantly looking at a watch so I can make the night bus.  That, in addition to the fact that I’m living in a family house where everyone seems to sleep with their doors open (something I still find very strange- anyone else with me?), makes living life as the young adult I am a tad difficult, and tends to discourage me from going out and doing things.

So as you may have guessed, I’m moving! In December I will be in a new apartment in a much better neighborhood for a single, more than slightly poor young adult with no kids. I am moving into an new apartment, in which the colocation atmosphere is friendly, yet also “we kinda do our own thing and don’t really bother each other”, which is perfect for an introvert like me, who hates nothing more than being forced into being a social butterfly even while at home.  The apartment itself is quite old, equipped with a very 80’s style kitchen and an oven that doesn’t seem to work, but the rest of the building is quite secure.

As good of a deal as my current place is, I just couldn’t bring myself to feel like I fit in with the family, and having to be constantly on Outgoing Mode with the kids is very mentally exhausting for me, especially after a day of teaching energetic middle schoolers.

So I’ll be getting a change of pace and atmosphere, and I’m quite happy about it- December can’t come soon enough!

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  1. As foreigners, we have it rough when it comes to finding accommodation abroad. I arrived in France in August, and it was still difficult finding a good place to live in my city; I ended up choosing to live in a colocation, which I originally didn’t want to do, but it’s adjustable. Hope your colocs are great people, and I hope your new living situation works out!


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