The New Year’s Tag

  1. If you could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be?

I would probably look back on my university graduation: that was such an important milestone, and it would be really nice to see and spend some time with everyone that was present again.
2. What was one new years resolution that you accomplished?

Honestly, I don’t usually make new years resolutions, or at least I don’t call them that. There is a goal I accomplished though, and that is getting into the TAPIF program and moving to France.
3. 3 words to describe last year?

It’s really difficult to put three words on 365 days. If I had to choose though, these are the ones I’d choose.

Eventful: from graduating university to moving to France, to the presidential election, a lot happened last year!

Crazy: See explanation above: graduation, moving to France, the presidential election…

Transitional: This year was one in which I had to transition into adult life, and stand on my own two feet.

4. Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion?

Honesltly, a lot of the stuff I listened to the most last year wasn’t made in 2016. Music I listened to the most/was inspired by the most would probably be anything Hamilton, Daya’s music, or Against the Current’s music, which is not from 2016.
5. Something your looking forward to this coming year?

What I’m experiencing now: living in France for one, traveling more, and blogging more!
6. What did last year teach you?

Last year taught me that it’s okay to go against the grain: Only you have control of your life, so if you want to do something crazy, like move to another country, you don’t need anyone’s approval but your own.
7. What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

Definitely my baggy teal pullover sweater from Forever 21: I still wear this a lot to be honest.
8. If you had to sum up your year in one word, what would it be?

This is even harder than the three words question. Maybe “Change”? Because a lot definitely changed last year with everything that happened.

9. What are you hoping for more of this coming year?

Opportunities: opportunities to travel, in my blog, in my career…
10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Uncertainty: I want to  know what I want and what I am doing. None of this making-it-up-as-I-go-along crap.
11. Best book you read last year?

Sadly to say, I didn’t read much apart from school books that were new this past year, so I’ll have to say Harry Potter, because I did start to re-read the series.
12. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

  1. Make the most of my time in France.
  2. Travel as much as possible.
  3. Keep blogging.
  4. Figure out what the “next step” in my career is. What am I going to do next?


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