Reflecting on my future

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am an incredibly indecisive person. Seriously, putting a restaurant menu in front of me is just asking for trouble. I’m that person.  However, that never used to follow me into my big life decisions. I was always very clear and sure about my plans and ambitions for the future. Now, however, I’m not so sure.  See, I have so many options floating around my head, that I don’t know where to start or what to do for next year. And soon, I will have to make that decision for various reasons.

Here are my options.

  1. Get a teaching job in the United States, live there, and settle down there. And while that sounds nice, the part of me that wants to live abroad feels like I would always still want to do so, or wonder what it would have been like.
  2. Get my MA in TESOL so I can continue to teach abroad, no matter what the country. Here is the problem here though: According to my research, you need an MA TESOL from an anglophone country for it to be taken seriously.  And if I do it in America, grad school is incredibly expensive, and I most likely would not be able to afford to go full time. This means that I will be in school for a long time. And by the time I am finished, I may already be too settled down to realistically go anywhere.  The other option if I go this route is to go somewhere in the UK. But let’s face it- isn’t grad school in the UK just as expensive for Americans? How would I afford that? Could I afford that? I know people must do it, but I just don’t know.
  3. Try to get a job as a lectrice at a French university for next year. This also sounds nice, but it is not likely. Lecteur positions over the years from what I have heard have gotten more and more competitive, and I don’t know if I can rely on getting a job doing this.
  4. Go to grad school in France/Europe. This is an option I could realistically do, but here is my problem: What do I study? Fields to consider are International Education, Culture studies/intercultural communication, etc, but i just don’t know.
  5. Renew TAPIF. This is a fall back plan provided my schools give me good reviews. Honestly, I would prefer to have another plan work out, but alas.

These are all of the thoughts going around my head, so I’ll turn any readers. Do you have any experience in any of these things. Any advice?  Are you just as lost as I am? Let me know.


  1. Right, I remember writing a very similar post with very similar dilemmas, so I get where you’re coming from!

    With a teaching certificate, you may already have an M1. If you want to go the lectrice route, get your diplomas translated and ask for an “équivalence” ON The ENIC-NARIC website. This website is run by the CIEP and will give you the equivalent of higher studies in France for your foreign diploma. It costs 70€ but it’s good for life. For me it was worth it and I needed that for my international school job. It put me at an M1 equivalent. That being said, apply for lectrice positions anyway, and renew for TAPF simultaneously. That way if you don’t get a lectrice position you have something to fall back on. And then, use the second TAPIF year wisely to figure it got next move. Enroll in French school so you can get a French M1 and then qualify, for example or just start on a master’s. With a teaching qualification from the US, i don’t think many French masters programs are useful or recognized (for teaching, anyways.) start saving and enroll online in the US while doing TAPIF, or save and use student loans to do a program in the UK. I hope to go to the U.K. In a few years after having saved up some money. Good luck!



    • Thank you so much! This actually did help a lot. I just looked into the diploma equivalency thing haha, so I might try to get that done. My concern is that my diploma is in latin? I do have my transcripts though, so perhaps they would accept that as my certificate AND proof of duration of study? At least if I had that it might be less of a headache trying to convince schools I have an M1. And who knows, Maybe I’ll get a lectrice position and won’t need TAPIF, haha


      • If your diploma isn’t in an accepted EU language you will need to produce an official translation (Julie Saubon is in a few Facebook groups and she’s excellent and efficient). I provided my teaching certificate just in case but they didn’t end up accepting that piece of paper… by recognized my credits and transcripts as 4+ years of study with my bachelor’s degree. You’ll need your diploma translated for lectrice positions anyways.


  2. if you are considering getting your masters in the U.S., it definitely is expensive, but you could also apply to be a graduate assistant. I’m sure it’s different from school to school, but generally, if you are accepted as a grad assistant, your tuition will be paid for and you will get a monthly stipend (similar amount to what we get paid in TAPIF, could be more depending on the school) if that is still not enough, maybe get a part time job as well. It’s better than paying for everything out of pocket or taking out loans, I think? also, grad assistants work closely with professors, so you can make good connections, and depending on what you are studying, you may get to have even more experience working in the classroom (if you are studying education, or wanting to teach french, esl, etc.)

    just an option, bon courage!

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  3. Wooo yes, I am also constantly having this internal debate with myself about what I want to do in the future…..

    You wouldn’t necessarily have to do a whole TESOL MA to teach abroad. Many language schools accept a TEFL/TESOL certificate, especially if you already have a US teaching certificate! Depending on the program, the certificate course can be somewhat expensive, but nowhere near as much as grad school in the US!


    • I’m glad to hear that others have/have had the same struggles. The TESOL certificate is a good idea, too (plus, I can always to back to school later if I want more schooling after the cert). Are you trying to stay abroad and teach, you think? I’m always curious about what everyone is doing post-TAPIF.

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      • I’m not sure!! I’m thinking about grad schools tbh…but it’s all very up in the air right now. I don’t have a teaching license back home, so it’s feeling like I’ll have to go back to school eventually no matter what. Trying to figure out what expensive path I’d most like to follow hahaha


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