32 Hours in Amsterdam:My Must-see Tourist Sites

Over the break for Touissant, I was Fortunate enough to be able to visit the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands! I was only there for a short time, however it is a beautiful city, and I will definitely be returning in the future.  Without further ado, here are my “must see” tourist sites in Amsterdam if you are only there for as short a time as me

  1. The Van Gogh Museum
    Van Gogh Museum Entrance Hall - e-architect
    If you are an art fan like me, this is a must see! It is a great way to learn about the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.

    2. The Anne Frank House

    Need I explain more? This is a once in a lifetime chance to explore such a huge part of history- and let’s face it: most of us are probably familiar with her diary, so why not go see where it was written?

    3. The Floating Flower Market

    Bloemenmarkt - The Floating Flower Market - Places - FunOnTheNet
    The (literally) floating flower market is one of a kind, and very aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a great opportunity to take a walk around the city and explore a bit!

    4. The Red Light District

    The Red Light District Amsterdam is a beautiful area and the later it ...
    Need I explain why? Again, once-in -a lifetime opportunity here. Grab your travel-mates, and go take a walk.

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