Two Days in Munich: Oktoberfest 2016


At the end of September I made the probably unwise decision of taking a break from apartment-hunting to go away for a couple of days to catch the end of Oktoberfest 2016! However unwise this decision may have been, it is definitely worth it.

Daytime and night time, I found, are very different experiences in Oktoberfest, at least according to our schedules.

During the day,  we took the opportunity to walk around the fair grounds where there is everything from food vendors to fun houses and rides- this is the “family friendly” part, but it is a nice break from the liters of beer that will inevitably be consumed.

At night, however, spent our time in the tents, which, especially the later it gets, a livelier, bar atmosphere. It is also very, very crowded, so if you are with a group be sure to stay together (or at least in pairs)! On the second night we walked around more, and investigated the different tents, which in the end was a wise decision, because each tent has different decorations and has a different atmosphere, so find one enjoyable to you!

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